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Safe Sanitizing Solutions, also known as 3S,  has corporate offices located in Jonesboro, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida.  It's Headquarters is located on the 12th floor of the Aetna high rise building located on the beautiful St. Johns River, in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. 


3S is a multifaceted company that provides botanical solutions for sanitizing and disinfecting locations from  bacteria, germs, and viruses.  Its purpose is to help create safe and environmentally-friendly solutions for businesses to sanitize surfaces as well as the indoor air as they rebuild confidence in the safety of their business environment for employees, customers, and the general public to return.   

Our Services

Demonstrate your commitment to the safety of your customers, clients, and partners  to help build their confidence in your facility's safety.   Keep them healthy and safe by eliminating germs, bacteria, and viruses like novel corona virus, the virus that causes COVID-19.


Government Facilities

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Government buildings, whether local, state, or federal buildings are "for the people", but in times like these, many people are hesitant and wary of entering buildings for fear of what kinds of bacteria and germs lurk in the atmosphere.  Allow us to

Day Care


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Children carry lots of germs and viruses.  We help to eliminate the germs and viruses by providing a microbial barrier on hard and soft surfaces.



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A recent poll amongst churchgoers shows that 79% of parishiners say they do not have confidence in their safety as churches and houses of worship start to reopen.  You can lead the way by giving your membership




It is hard to prevent young people from gathering in each others' personal space.  We can provide a microbial barrier on hard and soft surfaces that kill 99.9% viruses found in schools.




Going to the bank to take care of your financial business should be routine without having to worry about what not to touch.  Give people confidence that the banking experience in your establishment is healthy and safe while they wait for service in your lobby or office.

Funeral Home Sanitizing


Unfortunately during this pandemic funeral homes are a  prime area for COVID-19, viruses and other bacteria.  Safe guard where you work and protect the families that visit your place. 

Let Our COVID-19

Team Cover Your



“3S gave my business the extra confidence we needed to know we were ready to open our doors again.  It feels good knowing our restaurant is sanitized and our customers are safer.  3S is professional and the service was great!”

Daniel Garcia

Restaurant Owner

 El Tahur Restaurant

Ready to find out more?

Our Infection Task Force Teams are ready to be dispatched to your business.  We kill Viruses including SARS-9 which develops COVID-19, Bacteria.  We are mindful not to use harsh chemicals that give off oder and pollute the air.  Our products are EPA Registered and has a kill time  in 2 Minutes .

  • FDA clearance under 40 CFR §180.940 for use as a sanitizer on food contact surfaces (Great for hospitals & restaurants)

  • Broad spectrum microbial action

  • One step hospital-use germicidal disinfectant cleaner

  • Bleach Free disinfectant, sanitizer, and sporicidal


Our Sanitization Service is effective against the viruses and bacteria outline below:

  • Coronavirus COVID 19

  • C.DIFF


  • Multi-drug resistant Bacteria

  • HIV

  • Influenza A Virus

  • T4 & T1 Bacteriophage

  • Canine Coronavirus, Distemper & Herpes Virus

  • Staphylococcus (All types)

  • Listeria

  • Salmonella

  • Additional types of viruses


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